Weekly Update #94
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Weekly Update #94

Hello FieldClock Users!

This year we're sponsoring the Washington Growers League 2020 Annual Meeting & Conference in Yakima, WA! The event will be taking place tomorrow, February, 19th., at the Yakima Convention Center from 8:30am - 3:30pm. We hope to see you there!

On to the update:

New Kiosk

We're very excited to announce a new build (v1.5.1) of the Kiosk app is live and in the App Store and Google Play Store. This build introduces a new mode option for allowing employees to clock-in/out.

When configuring the Kiosk, you can now choose between "Badge Scan" or "PIN + Photo" mode.  Badge Scan is the original mode and continues to work as it has.  PIN + Photo allows you to assign PINs to your employees so they can clock-in and -out without having a badge.

New Kiosk

In order to be sure that the employee using the PIN is the correct employee, the app takes a photo of the employee at the moment the PIN is entered.  This photo is then uploaded with the time record and is visible on the Admin Site.

More information about FieldClock Kiosk is available in our Knowledge Base.

Upcoming Releases

Next week we expect to have the Employee Portal and new Android build live followed closely by workweek start dates and double time calculations.

Did You Know…

In the spirit of last weeks 'bulk-finalization' spotlight, this week we'd like to highlight a similar feature: bulk-editing employees! Just like with jobs, when you hover your cursor over any employee, a checkbox will appear on the right-hand side. Check that box to begin selecting employees for bulk-edit. Once done, simply click the 'Bulk-edit Employees' button.

Bulk-employee Editing

Friendly Reminders

  • If data is still syncing or has not synced, do not sign out of the mobile app - data will be lost!
  • Please remember to check for device as well as FieldClock updates

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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