Weekly Update #8
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Weekly Update #8

Good morning Company Admins!

We have some great updates for you this week!

More Daily Activity Report Improvements

Pieces per job and total pieces have been added to the Daily Activity Report. Additionally, we've added the ability to hide employee names, which will allow you to print employee production numbers to display for viewing the following day(s). Simply check the box titled 'Hide Names', then print.

Hide Daily Activity Report Names

Who Clocked in/out an Employee?

While in 'Job Details', if you expand an employee's details and hover your curser over that employees 'In' or 'Out' time, a pop-up will appear showing you which Ticketer / Crew Boss clocked that person In or Out. If you're experiencing clock-out issues, it's often useful to know who's actually doing the clocking-out.

Clock-in Hover

Self-help Articles

We've migrated our help section over to our Intercom widget to automatically suggest articles based on any question you might have. This will provide a much more efficient way to get the answers you need as you'll no longer have to wait for a reply.

Of course there will situations where you'll need to speak directly with a support member - which we love as well! As this is a relatively new feature, we will continue to add help articles over the coming weeks in order to cover all aspects of FieldClock.

Intercom Self-help Articles

Harvest Training Video

Badges and Cherry Picking

Harvest Success Kit

  • iPhone(fully charged with all updates)
  • External Battery (fully charged)
  • Bluetooth Printer (for temporary badges and end of day receipts)
  • Punch Card and puncher (we don't expect you'll ever need to use these again - but just in-case a phone is lost or worst case scenario)

We hope everyone is having a great harvest! If harvest hasn't started yet for you, please let us know if there's anything we can do to help prepare. :)

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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