Weekly Update #74
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Weekly Update #74

Hello Company Admins!

New iOS Build (In review)

We have a new iOS build currently in review at Apple! Along with a number of minor improvements and bug fixes, we're excited to announce a couple of new features in this build as well to help make your life even easier!

  • A "Job Summary" print-out is now available from the Job Details view (you must have a bluetooth printer connected). This summary will print the totals for the job as well as an abbreviated summary for each employee so that you can tear off individual receipts for each employee.
  • The Employees list for each Job has also gotten some long-awaited updates: each employee's piecework totals are visible beneath their clock times, and you can now also search the list for specific employees.
New Employee List View

Double-click Break Prevention

It was brought to our attention that it was fairly easy to accidentally double-click the break button on the Admin site, which of course results in double breaks. We've added a prevention in place so this will no longer happen.

Upcoming Releases

We have a new report in the works! We know we said 'custom reports' will be next, and they are indeed still in our pipeline. However, there's one specific report that's been requested so much, we thought we'd just release it: a 'Totals by Field' Report, which will allow you to specify a date-range, and the report will show totals by field for: production (piece counts), number of workers, and total worker hours.

Important Note: We released a new feature last month that allows certain fields (block, variety, crew boss) to be 'required' when creating jobs. Please note that if any of these are toggled as 'required', it will affect all jobs. Additionally, let's say you've selected 'Blocks' to be required and attempt to create a job at a Ranch with no Blocks - you will be unable to create that job as a Block needs to be specified, even in the event one does not exist; You will need to turn the option off or add a block to the ranch.

Friendly Reminders

  • If data is still syncing or has not synced, do not sign out of the mobile app - data will be lost!
  • Please remember to check for device as well as FieldClock updates

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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