Weekly Update #60
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Weekly Update #60

Hello Company Admins!

On to the update:

New Payroll File Download

Payroll handling has changed slightly. Previously, clicking the branded payroll button would link directly to the payroll file (which would be generated "on the fly"). As some worker counts have increased, the time it takes to generate a payroll file has grown quite a bit. As a result, payroll downloads generated "on the fly" may not work for large companies. We've changed the workflow to fix this issue.

With the new workflow, payroll files get generated the first time you attempt to download them.  If you change any pay data (e.g. Task codes, employee IDs, etc.), you must re-generate a payroll batch's download file to see the updated info.

Cherry harvest check list:

  • Update all phones
  • Have external batteries handy as the phones used by the ticketers will run low on battery
  • Assign correct roles (ticketer)
  • Pair phones with Bluetooth printers if you have them
  • Do a test job to make sure you know the process

Upcoming Changes

  • Bulk-job finalization (this is almost complete!)
  • Various bugfixes / improvements

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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