Weekly Update #54
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Weekly Update #54

Hello Company Admins!

We hope everyone is doing well! We have a short and sweet update for you this week:

How To Create Piecework Jobs Spanish

We've had our piecework training video translated and recorded in Spanish. You can view it by clicking this


Minor changes

  • Various bugfixes & improvements
  • Searching employees within job details and field access now displays only active employees

Pre-harvest Training

Another friendly reminder, we're providing pre-harvest training for $150/hr - minimum two hours. Please schedule through Alex or by emailing support@fieldclockapp.com.

Upcoming Changes

  • Kiosk training video (w/ Spanish version)
  • Spanish versions for our Ticketer & Roamer videos
  • Bulk job finalization

Until next week!


Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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