Weekly Update #5
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Weekly Update #5

Hello Company Admins!

On to the update…

Another Job list improvement

To top off our enhancement of last weeks Jobs list improvements, we've removed all redundant data from grouped lists. i.g. if you group jobs by 'Location', 'Location: Anderson Dump' won't show up within each job that's listed. Small but important!

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More on Badge Colors

You (Company Admins) can now configure your badges to print using your Company color (which is modified on the Account Edit form), or the Wage Program for each employee (which is modified on the Wage Program Edit form).

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Improvements to Tracking Non-Productive Time

As many of you are aware, a Washington State court recently decided that piece-rate farmworkers must be paid separately for various job-related tasks such as travel time, mandatory meetings, etc.  We're hard at work putting in new features to make tracking this time as easy as using the other features in FieldClock and will be pushing out updates for you very soon!

FieldClock Training

We have a new training program for Crew Bosses, Managers, and Company Admins! Training is $150 / hr, minimum 2 hours. Please contact Alex Garcia or Carmen Mendez to schedule.

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Upcoming Updates

  • Reports enhancements (Daily Activity & Labor Costs by Field)
  • Improved 'Help Articles' for harvest season
  • Ability to omit break-pay for Farmer's Office importing
  • Various back-end improvements for increased speed and stability

As always, we love to hear from you all regarding suggestions, comments, concerns, and how we can improve.

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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