Weekly Update #47
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Weekly Update #47

Hello Company Admins!

We hope everyone's enjoying these last few weeks of winter! Spring and harvest are just around the corner, both of which we're looking forward to.

On to the update:

Bulk-employee Editing

This will be live this week! We know a lot of you have been looking forward to this, and we're just running some final tests before we release it. Current bulk-editing options include:

  1. Status
  2. Hourly Rate
  3. Wage Program
  4. Payroll Entity
Bulk employee editing

Upcoming Releases

  • Bulk-job finalization
  • Roamer & Ticketer training videos
  • Report enhancements

And lastly, a friendly reminder to please remember to check for new iOS, Android and Kiosk builds as we're always sending up bugfixes and improvements.

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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