Weekly Update #46
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Weekly Update #46

Hello Company Admins!

We hope everyone is having a great March so far! This weeks update is mostly a recap:

Employee Filtering

Employee filtering is fully complete, and although the features of which have been covered in the last few emails, here's a quick recap. Employees can be filtered by:

  1. Status (Any, Active, Inactive)
  2. Role (i.e. Crew Boss)
  3. Ranch & Block
  4. Scanned date (whether an employee was active - scanned - within your selected date range)
Employee Filtering

Please note: searching for employees by name has certain limitations. Your search query needs to match how the name is displayed in your employee list. Let's use the name 'Jane P Doe' as an example. Searching 'Jane', 'Jane P' or 'Jane P Doe' will return the correct employee. Searching 'Doe' or 'P Doe' will not as our search functionality requires either the first name shown (alone), or the each name along with it thereafter.

FieldClock Kiosk

For those of you testing out our Kiosk app, we can't thank you enough for all your patience, support and feedback. We're improving it daily and should have a stable, production ready build for you all soon enough.

Upcoming Releases

  • Bulk-editing for employees
  • Bulk-finalization for jobs
  • Enhanced reporting

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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