Weekly Update #45
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Weekly Update #45

Hello Company Admins!

We hope everyone is having a bountiful, productive, and safe week! On to the update:

Filter Employees by Ranch & Block

This will be released this week. Employees will be able to be filtered by whether or not they were active at a particular Ranch and/or Block. Once a Ranch has been selected, Blocks within that Ranch will be available for further filtering.

Filter Employees by Ranch and Block

Please note: as we work through final testing for employee filtering, the user interface - how it looks above - may look slightly different when the final version is  released.

Active / Inactive Jobs List Visibility

Our mobile jobs list has been improved for better Job recognition. Jobs that no longer have active employees will be faded and gray on the right-hand side, while jobs that still have active employees will remain in full color:

Mobile Active Jobs List

Android Build v1.6.8 (573)

  • Fixed jobs list update issue
  • Fixed badge login issue
  • Various other bugfixes

Upcoming Releases

  • Bulk editing employees
  • Report improvements (more to come on this)

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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