Weekly Update #43
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Weekly Update #43

Hello Company Admins!

As always, we hope everyone is having a safe and productive week! On to the update:

Piece Rate Added to Daily Pay Report

Our Daily Pay report now has a column for Piece Rates:

Daily Pay Report Piece Rate

Enhanced Employee Filtering

Tomorrow we'll release the first of a multi-step process in enhancing employee filtering. Tomorrows addition will include a 'Status' filter, which will allow you to filter employees by Any, Active, or Inactive:

Employee Status Filtering

Additional employee filters being added, which should all be live by next weeks Newsletter include:

  • Ranch or Block (if an employee worked at a Ranch or Block)
  • Active dates (if an employee was active within the selected dates)

Upcoming Releases

  • Bulk-editing of employees
  • Additional bugfixes & performance improvements

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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