Weekly Update #4
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Weekly Update #4

Hello Company Admins!

We have some exciting updates this week! But first… a few reminders:

  • We recommend doing a fake cherry harvest job(s) in preparation for the upcoming harvest. If suggestions are needed in doing this, please reach out to our sales team - they're eager to help!
  • If you're using Bluetooth printers, please test the process in which you will be using them before harvest.

New Features!

  • We've added grouping and filtering to the Jobs list screen. This means you're now able to group jobs based on Crew Boss, Location, and Tasks.

Additionally, you can filter those groups to show only the group you wish to see. This should provide a much better experiencing in viewing a long list of jobs.

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Although grouping and filtering are in place, we will continue improving the Jobs list through next week - so more to come on this front!

  • Badge colors have been updated and overall badge improvements will be coming in the coming weeks.

We hope everyone is prepared for the upcoming harvest and please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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