Weekly Update #36
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Weekly Update #36

Hello Company Admins!

We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, Winter Solstice, and/or any other celebration, whatever it may be! Our apologies as we weren't able to get the Newsletter out yesterday! This week we have a great update for you, so let's get to it!

On to the update:

New Roles

Three new roles are now available:

  • Report Viewer: Users with this role are only able to view and export reports. All links within each report (to jobs, employees, etc…) are disabled, which makes it the ideal role for any user who needs 'read only' access to all things report related.
  • Payroll Administrators: Users with this role can view and create Payroll Batches, download and print Payroll batch reports, and view and modify Payroll Entities. This role is for users who oversee Payroll Batches, export Payroll data out of FieldClock, or manage employee payouts.
  • Employee Administrators: Users with this role can view, create, modify and delete employee records. This role is sort of like an HR Administrator who's in charge of all things Employee related.

New roles are available for email users from the Edit Employee screen:

New Roles

Additional Role Changes

iOS build 180+ will no longer allow Crew Boss users to create or edit employee records unless the user also has the Employee Administrator role. Crew Bosses and Managers can still view the Employee list (in case they need to print out a temporary badge or look up an employee ID), but the Employee Details view will not have an ‘edit’ button.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! Until next week!

Best Regards, The FieldClock Team

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