Weekly Update #34
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Weekly Update #34

Hello Company Admins!

We have some good update for you this week, so let's get to it!

Color Coded Jobs

Along with the ability to color code jobs in the mobile app, you can now do so from the Admin site:

Color Coded Jobs

The default color is none (shown as white, or the left-most color). The color directly to the right is your Field color, which appropriately changes when you select your Ranch or Block. All colors to the right of those are standard colors and will remain the same. Additionally, once a job has been created with a color selected, that color will also appear in that jobs details page as well as next the the job title in your jobs list page.

  • Note: A job does not need a color, and more than one job may have the same color. We've added the option to simply provide a better way to locate/differentiate jobs - if needed.

Ability to Filter Jobs by Job Type

On the jobs list page, you'll now see a filter icon. Clicking this expands an 'Advance Filters' area, one of which (the only one now - more to come later) provides the ability to filter jobs by job type (All, Hourly, Piecework, and Hourly + Piecework):

Filter Jobs by Job Type

Fixed '$' Placement for Report Excel Exports

It was brought to our attention that the '$' placement for currencies in Excel export files (from Reports) was at the end of the dollar amounts. This has been fixed and is now displayed in front of dollar amounts.

We hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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