Weekly Update #29
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Weekly Update #29

Hello Company Admins!

Hope everyone is having a productive week! Let's get to it..

Profile Preferences

We've added a new form, which allows all users with email logins (including Crew Bosses, Managers, etc…) the ability to opt-in/out of our Weekly Newsletter as well as update their email address.

Profile Preferences

This form can be found my clicking the 'My Profile' button located in the User dropdown menu:

My Profile Button

You may see a "We are having issues connecting to our mail servers, please check back later." message in place of the opt-in section. Not to worry, it just means we're making some adjustments and it should be back up shortly.

Looking Forward

Looking toward the future, we have some exciting new features for you all just around the corner so please keep an eye out.

Until next time!
Best Regards,

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