Weekly Update #146
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Weekly Update #146

Hello FieldClock Users!

As the weather begins to warm up and we get closer to spring, we hope that everybody's staying safe and being productive! If there's anything that we at FieldClock can do to assist with the transition into the next phases of work, please let us know.

On to the update.

Upcoming Releases

  • Equipment tracking (very close!)
  • Activity logging
  • Revamped control panel
  • Bulk-employee editing at Jobs
  • Enhanced Employee filtering / reporting

New Feature: Object-Specific Payroll Code Entry

To make the process of assigning payroll codes to various objects, such as tasks and varieties, less tedious, we've added a feature that will allow the codes to be mapped when editing the object itself, rather than when editing a payroll entity.

When editing an object, you will see a toggle and an entry field where the payroll code can be entered. If the 'Use single code?' toggle is checked, a single box will be provided and whatever code is entered will be used for all payroll entities at your company.

Subsequently, if the toggle box is unchecked, an entry field will be provided for each payroll entity individually.

This feature is similar to and follows the same logic as the 'Use Badge Display # for payroll codes' feature found when creating/editing Employees.

This feature is currently available for the following object types within FieldClock:

  • Tasks
  • Varieties
  • Piece Types
  • Ranches
  • Blocks

Did You Know...

On the mobile app, a summary of 'local' jobs (local to the job's ranch and block) can be displayed by tapping the job's information just above the 'Info' label.

In the screenshot shown below, the current job ("Ground Cover") is shown with a check next to it, while the only other currently active job that is also taking place at this ranch and block (Seattle Ranch and Discovery Park) is also displayed ("CHECKING").

Once opened, the summary can also be filtered to display all blocks at the job's ranch, or just the specific block that that job is taking place at (if applicable, otherwise it will display all blocks unconditionally).

This toggle can be found at the bottom of the summary screen.

Friendly Reminders

  • If data is still syncing or has not synced, do not sign out of the mobile app - data will be lost!
  • Please remember to check for device as well as FieldClock updates

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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