Weekly Update #140
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Weekly Update #140

Hello FieldClock Users!

We hope that you've had yet another productive and enjoyable week of the new year! We're nearing the end of January, and are excited for the end of winter and the beginning of spring. As always, if there's anything that we at FieldClock can do to help smooth workflow and transition, please don't hesitate to reach out!

On to the update.

Upcoming Releases

  • Equipment tracking
  • SMS end of day summaries
  • ACH payments
  • Activity logging
  • Revamped control panel
  • Bulk-employee editing at Jobs
  • Enhanced Employee filtering / reporting

Did You Know...
When editing or creating Ranches, you can limit both the tasks and varieties that are available for use at Jobs taking place at the Ranch. This is called 'Limiting tasks and varieties' and can be done by simply editing an existing Ranch, or creating a new Ranch.

By default, all tasks and varieties will be available for use. To limit varieties, simply begin selecting any that you wish to be available. They will be highlighted in blue.

For tasks, you will need to select 'Limited' rather than 'All', as well as 'Show task options' to see the task list. Once complete, you can select them identically as you would varieties.

Any tasks and varieties you select are being included rather than excluded, and as such, your selection of tasks and varieties will be the only ones available when creating Jobs. Additionally, all Blocks created at this Ranch will also have this selection applied, and will be unable to themselves use any varieties or tasks that you have not specified.

Please also note that limiting varieties and tasks at Blocks works much the same as at a Ranch.

Friendly Reminders

  • If data is still syncing or has not synced, do not sign out of the mobile app - data will be lost!
  • Please remember to check for device as well as FieldClock updates

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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