Weekly Update #123
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Weekly Update #123

Hello FieldClock Users!

As the fires begin to die down on the West Coast, we hope that everybody has come out safe and sees a speedy recovery. If there is anything that we at FieldClock can do to help with that, or to lend aid to those still affected, please don't hesitate to reach out.

We'd also like to thank all of those who sent over their company logo for our new upcoming public website overhaul. We're incredibly proud to have each and every one of you as a customer.

On to the update.

Important Announcement

Google's automatic flagging system has temporarily suspended  our Android & Kiosk app for "repetitive content". As this is clearly not the case, we've submitted an appeal and are awaiting a reply. While the issue should be resolved in 2-4 business days, our software is not currently available for download on Android.

Fortunately, we do have a workaround. If you're in need of downloading either FieldClock or Kiosk on Android and feel comfortable enough with 'side-loading' applications, please reach out to Support for instructions.

Continued Improvements

Another week of effort has yielded more progress on our migration project, and we continue to see improvements in both stability and performance on our platforms. While there is of course more to be done, we are happy with our steady pace and we feel as though we're making good headway. As always, we appreciate your patience with this process in lieu of more exciting or flashy features and updates.

Upcoming Releases

In conjunction with our continued platform improvements, we are working also on the following…

  • ACH Payments
  • Public Site Overhaul
  • QC Notes
  • Revamped Control Panel
  • API Access
  • Activity Logging

Did You Know…

The Job Filters feature on mobile can be used to control what Jobs will display for your main view. This can be configured by navigating to the 'Jobs' tab while logged into the app, and clicking the small filter icon in the top right. Once opened, the menu will show three toggles that can be configured to your liking. The settings function as follows…

  • My Location Only: Displays Jobs that match your current location, rather than all active Jobs at the company you're signed into.
  • My Jobs Only: Displays Jobs that you yourself (the current user account that you're signed in as) have created.
  • Today Only: Displays Jobs only for the current date, rather than any previous of future dates.

Friendly Reminders

  • If data is still syncing or has not synced, do not sign out of the mobile app - data will be lost!
  • Please remember to check for device as well as FieldClock updates
  • If you have any questions or requests, or you think that you might have found a bug, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support staff!

Until next week!

Best Regards, The FieldClock Team

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