Weekly Update #1
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Weekly Update #1

Hello FieldClock users!

As we continue to build and improve FieldClock, (thanks all of your great feedback and suggestions!) we will start sending out regular updates, which will include new and upcoming features, current issues we're aware of and working on, system updates, and much more.

As this is the first of many, we've included the main updates we've added over the last few weeks:

Enhanced Labor Costs by Report

The Report section 'Labor Costs by Field' has been improved: you are now able to sort and export to CSV, Excel, PDF as well as print. It's also much nicer to look at!

New Support Tool

We have added Intercom as our new support tool. You'll find the button (teal with a smiley chat box) in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. This will allow our support team to communicate with you and your team in real-time, much like instant messaging or texting. Depending on how busy we are, response times may vary, however, we will always try and respond to your questions and requests as soon as possible.

Editing Piece Counts in the App

We have made the following change to editing pieces for employees (thanks again to the suggestions from many of you!):

  • If you'd like to edit pieces during a job, please make sure you turn ON the variable quantity toggle within the mobile app:
  • Once you've selected 'Piecework' or 'Hourly + Piece Bonus' as a pay-type, you'll then see the 'Variable Quantity' toggle available after you've selected a piece type.

Please make sure each of your outside teams are aware of any changes as these emails are currently only being sent to Company Administrators. We will be adding a feature in the near future that allows any user to subscribe to various FieldClock updates. If you have any Crew Bosses or Managers who'd like to receive these emails in the meantime, please drop us their name through Intercom.

Thank you!

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