Weekly Newsletter #22
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Weekly Newsletter #22

Good morning Company Admins!

On to the update…

Adding Ranch / Block Boundaries

To get the most out of FieldClock, it's best to have all of your Ranch and Block boundaries mapped out. To make this as easy as possible for you, we've added an info bar, which is displayed directly in the Control Panel. Along with showing a list of all your un-mapped Ranches/Blocks, you're able to jump directly to each ones' edit screen to quickly add boundaries.

Adding Ranch and Block Boundaries

Bluetooth Printer Troubleshooting

Along with the new badge / bluetooth printer we now support and recommend (Zebra ZQ310), we've also enhanced our troubleshooting help article, which includes screenshots and a more thorough explanation of how to fix if printing incorrectly. Additionally, we've also added recommended printer paper and ribbon cartridges for the ZQ310 paper.

More Stability Improvements

As we stated the last couple weeks, we're still focusing on improving both iOS and Admin site stability. This will likely continue to be our main focus for some time as our goal is ZERO downtime, improved / better syncing, and a more efficient workflow.

Until next time!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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