Weekly Newsletter #19
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Weekly Newsletter #19

Hello Company Admins!

We have a special update for you this week, one in which a lot of you have requested. But before, a quick word: we know a few of you have been experiencing various issues these last few days, which have been due to the new feature below. Although we're fixing them as fast as possible, our apologies for any inconveniences we may have caused.

On to the update!


In most places where you were already able to assign "break" time, you will now be able to select whether you want the time to be "break" time or training or travel or whatever. We are calling this 'Non-productive Time'.

Impacted Functionality

Admin Site

The "Breaks" tab in the Admin section has been replaced by "Non-Productive Time".  In this section, you can manage "Non-Productive Time Categories" and Break Templates.

Non-productive Time

Break Templates

When you create "Break Templates", you'll need to specify which NPT category is being used.

Payroll Codes

All NPT categories will show up in between "Hours" and "Piecework" codes on the Wages tab when editing Payroll Entities.

Payroll Codes Admin

Wage Programs / Automatic Break Pay

When configuring Automatic Break Pay, the NPT category must be specified.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The automatic-break-pay calculation will guarantee that the specified NPT category is paid according to the formula. It will not consider other NPT categories in its calculation. In other words, you should not create multiple NPT categories for "Break".  If a customer creates "Rest Break" and "Automatic Break", and codes auto break pay to pay "Automatic Break", the auto-break-pay calculator will ignore any assigned "Rest Break" time which could result in double-paying breaks.

Piecework Break Pay

Job Details

For simplicity, the "Breaks" tab is still named "Breaks" on Job Details. When creating a new break by selecting a template, the template's NPT category will be used. If creating an ad-hoc break, the NPT category must be specified.

Add a Break

We have in-app support for this functionality that's currently in review in the App Store. Please keep a look out for a FieldClock update.

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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