Weekly Newsletter #17
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Weekly Newsletter #17

Good morning Company Admins!

We have a great update for you this morning..

New Control Panel

The Jobs list has been replaced with a new Control Panel, which aims to provide a daily overview of work around your Ranches and Blocks.

Top View

Control Panel Top View
  • Jobs: Shows how many active, final, and total jobs you have for the day. Employees: Shows how many active and total employees you have. * An 'active' employee is someone still clocked-in.
  • Production: This shows your current production for the day. * Each variety (if specified) is totaled by Piecetype. So, if two jobs have 'Picking'
  • 'Bins' with no 'Variety', they will be combined as they're the same.

Bottom View

Control Panel Bottom View
  • Map: The map will show all your active boundaries for the day, which simply means a job has or is taking place there (Boundaries cannot be shown if they have not been inputted). Clicking on a Ranch/Block will bring up all jobs, both active and final, below the map.
  • Job Stats: This panel shows all jobs associated with a clicked map-boundary above. Each jobs shows what the Production count is - if any, active workers and total workers.

As this is a fairly large and new feature, we will be making additional enhancements and revisions over the coming weeks. We love any and all feedback so please reach out with any suggestions and/or concerns.

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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