Weekly Newsletter #15
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Weekly Newsletter #15

Hello Company Admins!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer! On to the update!

Non-productive Time

We understand the need for everyone to keep track/account for Non-Productive Time during piece work jobs. Below is the most popular process being used by clients we hold with high regard.

  1. Create a task named (Non Productive Time)
  2. Admin > Task > New Task
  3. Have your Crew Bosses create a job using Non-Productive Time as the task
  4. Select the Ranch that will account for the time
  5. Select the Block that will account for the time (not needed if you don't care)
  6. Select Hourly as the Pay Type
  7. Clock in your employees (either scan their badges or use the recent tab to clock in multiple employees at once)
  8. Once the employees are ready to get back to piece work you can simply clock them into the piece work job and begin tracking (buckets, totes, trees, bins ect…..)

Updated Reports Home

We've move the '7 Day Production History' from the Control Panel to the Reports Home screen.

Updated Reports Home

Control Panel

There's still some work left on the Control Panel, which I promised last week: rest assured, it's almost finished and will be live soon. We appreciate your patience.

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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