Weekly Newsletter #12
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Weekly Newsletter #12

Hello Company Admins!

We hope everyone had a great week! Before the update, a quick message. We've released a new iOS Version 1.5.25 (159), so please update all iOS devices. The major update includes improved 're-scan delay' handling for jobs with multiple piecework rates among other performance improvements and bugfixes.

On to the update!

New Report: Daily Notes Report

At last! We've added a new Report - the Daily Notes Report, which shows all notes taken for a day - including photo notes. The report can be downloaded via CSV, Excel, PDF, and of course Print.

Daily Notes Report

New Feature: Filter Jobs by Status

On the Jobs List, you now have the ability to filter jobs by status: All, Active and Final. For those with a long list of daily jobs, this should help speed up finding jobs to finalize / narrow the list down.

Filter Notes by Status

Reminder: Toggling Production in-app

Although this feature has been available for a while, it occurred to us that some of you may not know of it's existence. While in Job Details in the mobile app, you can tap the Production numbers to toggle between 'Average Hourly' and 'Current Hourly' picking rates.

Toggling Production

We'd like to give a big Thank You to all who responded to our inquiry regarding what data to show on the upcoming Reports Home screen - we received a lot of great feedback and are looking forward to rolling our the new page for you all.

Until next week!

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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