Sick leave & vacation pay in FieldClock
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Sick leave & vacation pay in FieldClock

Sick leave & vacation pay in FieldClock

While FieldClock does not (yet) offer a specific feature to track sick leave and vacation pay, there is a reliable workaround available through the use of Tasks and Jobs. This post will walk you through the process in its entirety.

Step 1: Create the Task

To begin, we'll need to create our 'sick' (or 'vacation') Task within FieldClock. While this isn't strictly necessary, it allows all employees who will be 'working' this Task (employees who are on sick or vacation leave) to be kept track of efficiently. To do this, simply create a Task as you normally would, and name it accordingly.

If you're not familiar with Tasks in FieldClock, you can read more here.

Step 2: Create the Job

With our Task ready for use, we can now create the first 'sick leave' (or 'vacation') Job within FieldClock. This Job will be configured to use the Task that we created, and is best created as an 'Hourly' Job. Of course, like all Jobs in FieldClock, if you desire for the sick pay to be a static amount (instead of custom wage/wage program amounts), you can set the Hourly pay accordingly. If left at zero, their pay will be calculated as defined here.

Step 2.5: Unpaid Sick/Vacation Time

What we did above is all well and good, but what if you don't want sick/vacation time to be paid at all? Sometimes, just for the sake of record-keeping, it's necessary to keep track of sick/vacation hours, even if you're not paying the employee for them. Unfortunately, FieldClock does not offer a direct way to accomplish this. Instead, you'll need to manually edit the employee's pay in the payroll export file, or in the third party payroll system, of your choice to zero.

Step 3: Finalize & Export

As with any Job in FieldClock, the Sick Leave (or vacation) Job can be finalized through the usual finalization steps. Likewise, the Payroll Entity export process will also remain the same (whatever procedure that you usually use will work). Once exported, your employee's leave pay data will be visible as any other pay data would.

That's it!

It's that simple to emulate sick leave and vacation pay in FieldClock. We hope that you found this post both informative and concise, thanks for reading!

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