New WA Overtime Regulation
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New WA Overtime Regulation

Hello FieldClock Users!

Some of you have reached out with questions regarding Washington's new overtime regulation that took effect on the 1st of this month, which states that agriculture employees are to be paid overtime after 55 hours in a workweek.

This is absolutely possible within FieldClock.

To set this up, head over to your Wage Program and toggle the Overtime section of the form to 'Auto'. If you're simply needing to pay overtime after 55 hours in a workweek (and not daily), your formula should look like this:

FieldClock Overtime Formula

It's as simple as that!

Further on down the form are additional OT/DT options. The 'Use Regular Rate of Pay' option is if you need employee pay to be calculated using the 'Regular Rate of Pay' over a given workweek. Please reference our help article 'Calculating Regular Rate of Pay' for more info on this. The 'Use Job Rate of Pay' option simply uses the current Job pay configuration. Lastly, specify whether or not you'd like your weekly overtime trigger to use 'All' hours or just 'Regular' hours.

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.


The FieldClock Team

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