New iOS Build!
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New iOS Build!

Hello Company Admins!

We hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! This is not an early Newsletter (our Tuesday Newsletter is still coming), but rather a special announcement: we've released a new major iOS build!

Below are the main changes / additions:

  • Ranch/Block management screens have been improved
  • Ranch details now show a list of jobs currently at a ranch
  • Jobs can be created directly from Ranch details
  • Notes can be created for a Ranch or Block without having to be in a Job
New Ranch Details

Support for new features rolling out on the admin site this week:

  • Ranch- and Block-specific tasks
  • Ability to disable manual clock-in workflow
  • Ability to disable piecework ticketing during breaks
  • Jobs can be assigned colors for improved visual filtering
New Ranch List

Please note: some of these features won't be available in the Admin site until later this week.

Best Regards,
The FieldClock Team

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