New Feature: Payroll Groups
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New Feature: Payroll Groups

We have heard from many organizations that they have complex needs when it comes to calculating special pay.  For instance, you may need to consider multiple payroll entities when calculating minimum wage or overtime.

The dev team has been hard at work creating a simple solution for these complicated calculations.  We are proud to announce that the "Payroll Groups" feature is now available for all accounts!

What are Payroll Groups?

To understand payroll groups, let's briefly review payroll entities.

A "Payroll Entity" is a way to represent a specific organization that is paying employees.  Many accounts have multiple legal entities that pay employees.  For instance, you might have an entity that pays for work at one ranch but a different entity that pays for work at the ranch across the street.  Our pay calculations have traditionally used only data from a single payroll entity at a time when calculating an employee's pay.

This works for simple organizations, but what if you need to calculate minimum wage or overtime for an employee using payouts from both payroll entities?  Payroll Groups are the answer!

From the "Payroll" tab in the admin section of the Admin Site, you can now create groups of payroll entities and specify which calculations they affect. For example, you can create a group with "Payroll Entity A" and "Payroll Entity B" and specify that both entities should be considered together for overtime calculations.  After this group is configured, payouts related to both entities will be considered whenever FieldClock calculates overtime or double-time for payouts at either entity.  In our above scenario (with different entities paying for work at different ranches), an employee who works at both ranches can now have their overtime calculated based on all of their work instead of it being siloed by each payroll entity.

For more information, please check out Payroll Groups in our knowledge base or contact Support.

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