New Feature: Hourly Pay Templates
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New Feature: Hourly Pay Templates

Hello FieldClock Users!

We have a new, long awaited feature that many of you have been waiting on: Hourly Pay Templates!

Hourly Pay Templates allow you to specify default hourly rates for certain job configurations, and can be found by navigating to Admin > Pay Templates. From there, click the 'New Pay Template' button, which will take you to the create new Pay Template form:

The 'Pay Filters' determine which jobs will be affected. For example, you might want to set a default hourly rate for all jobs at a specific ranch and block. Selecting that ranch and block in the 'Pay Filters' section is how you'd do that.

'Pay Rules' determine how jobs will be affected. This is where you'll set the default hourly rate for that ranch and block. You may additionally specify a minimum hourly rate, which means users creating jobs at the specified ranch and block will not be able to set a price lower than the one here.

Please note: Hourly Pay Templates is still in Beta, which means we need feedback from you - our users! Please let us know what aspects of it you like, and any improvements that could make it more useful to you. We depend on feedback from you to craft features that are useful to all!


The FieldClock Team

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