New Feature: Employee Tags
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New Feature: Employee Tags

Hello FieldClock Users!

We hope all of you are off to a great February!

We have an exciting new feature we'd like to share with you all this week: employee tags! Tags are a great way to show whether or not an employee has been through a specific training, has been vaccinated (COVID), completed a certification, or any other arbitrary piece of information others at the company should know about or need to keep track of.

As with most other objects in FieldClock, you can create and manage your Tags via the Admin screen:

Once at least a single Tag has been created, they can then be applied and viewed from the employee details view:

For additional information on employee tags, please reference our help article here, which includes a full write-up on how to create, view, and manage your tags.

Please note: employee tags are still in Beta. If you run into an issue, please let support know so we can get a fix sent up ASAP. Thank you!

Until next time!

The FieldClock Team

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