FieldClock training available before Spring
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FieldClock training available before Spring

We are excited to announce a new training option our clients can utilize to ensure success with FieldClock. This option provides intimate and hands on training with various members of the organization. If you'd like to schedule training for you and/or your team, email (Make sure to schedule training soon as we all prepare for 2018 harvest! Spots are filling up quickly!). Training for the following employees and topics: Crew Boss - App training, using the app in the field, etc. Manager - Editing jobs, finalizing jobs, etc. Company Administrator - Editing employees, processing payroll reports, "how to" requests in FieldClock support, how to keep equipment and devices updated, etc. Training is $150 per hour, minimum of 2 hours.

If there's a topic or group of employees you'd like our team to train, please let us know!

We are excited to help our client partners learn more about FieldClock and can't wait to support you all through a successful 2018 harvest! Best, Your FieldClock Team

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