Andrew Sundquist, Sundquist Apples
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Andrew Sundquist, Sundquist Apples

Andrew Sundquist, Sundquist Apples

As farmers ourselves, we’ve experienced the frustration firsthand that comes during harvest to maintain accurate and reliable counting for our crops. The Fieldclock app solves problems that occur for farmers using old “tried and true” methods, but without unnecessary complication that sometimes comes when you try to integrate new technology.

Don’t just take our word for it - we asked one of our current customers, Andrew Sundquist, how Fieldclock has made a difference in his business operations. The Sundquist family has been farming since the 1920’s and they grow apples, pears, and cherries on 1,900+ acres in South Central Washington state.

FieldClock: Tell us about your accounting process before using our application.

Andrew Sundquist: Our old process required an administrative person to enter payroll data into our accounting package and then send out reports.  This caused a couple of problems:
  1. That person entering was not connected to the work and therefore not able to spot coding errors.
  2. Reports were typically issued a day or two after the work was completed preventing us from making quick changes to piece rates or reacting to job costing data.
In some cases, we were too late to make a change as the work that was already completed.

FC: Using our app in the field and software in the office, you’ve created a new process. What’s changed?

AS: We can more easily reconcile what we pay and what we produce. Daily reconciliation during harvest is now a piece of cake as the totals are easily viewable once the last bin is scanned. Our new process is much simpler and much more refined:
  • Work is completed and the direct manager reviews the same day.  An area manager signs off on the reviewed payroll by finalizing and we're ready for import.
  • Since the managers are involved in the workflow, the coding is accurate and hourly discrepancies are solved right away.  Piece rates are adjusted quickly while the work is being completed. This helps prevent employee turnover and unease.
We are now able to review what's happening every day while it happens.  This saves everyone time and puts our focus back on the farm.

FC: Can you estimate the impact FieldClock has made on your business?

AS: My hunch is that it will save one full time employee and probably an additional 8-10 man-hours per week for entering bin/piece data company wide.

FC: Was it difficult to get running with FieldClock?

AS: FieldClock staff have been great to work with and extremely responsive. The product improves every week based on user feedback. We have completely reorganized our payroll process and have become more efficient on a number of levels.
I would say that our experience with FieldClock has been remarkably positive.

The FieldClock app enables Sundquist to have more visibility to real-time results so that they can catch accounting errors more quickly and make adjustments on the fly. Do you have a pain point in your harvesting process? Connect with FieldClock today and let’s get you back to farming!

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