2021, A Year in Review
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2021, A Year in Review

2021, A Year in Review

Welcome to FieldClock’s 2021 year in review!

A lot has happened this year.  We know you have a lot on your plate during the year, and this seemed like a good time to recap anything you may have missed.

As we continue to build and improve features across all of our platforms, we’re also growing internally as well. We’ve added new talent to our team. We’ve brought on a number of new clients (both at home and abroad!). We’ve learned lessons. More than anything, we’ve been — and will continue to be — grateful for you. Your feedback, bug reports, feature requests, and business are what keep FieldClock moving forward. We’re very much looking forward to our continued partnership in the coming year.

Without further ado, here are some of the highlights from 2021:

Employee Portal

Rather than post a piece of paper in a centralized location for everyone to check their hours, pieces, and payouts, we developed Employee Portal. This allows your employees to check themselves - anytime they want, wherever they are. International numbers are also allowed, so as long as your employees have a phone that can receive text messages, they can access Employee Portal.

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SMS Job Summary Notifications

Part of Employee Portal is SMS Job Summary Notifications, which allows employees to opt-in to receive end-of-day text messages about the jobs they worked, how many hours they put in, and what their production numbers were.  

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Report Enhancements

We've added a number of new reports as well as made significant improvements to a lot of our existing reports.

  • Job Summary Report allows you to print one or more jobs in an easy-to-read format. If two or more jobs are included, a summary of those jobs will be created to provide a summation of all the jobs included.
  • Our new Employee Production Report now breaks down employee production by employee or by job. If 'by employee', FieldClock will sum (aggregate) all of their job data for the dates provided. If 'by job', FieldClock will sum all employee data for each job, for the dates provided.

Team Picking

When employees pick into the same bucket, bin, basket, they may be far apart (geographically speaking) in the field. It may not be ideal for all employees to have to travel over to the Crew Boss or Ticketer. This is why we built Team Picking. It allows employees to be grouped together into 'Teams'. When one person on the team scans their badge for a piece, it's credited to everyone on the team.

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Kiosk Administrators

Kiosk Admins are just that: administrators that are allowed to configure and set up Kiosk - without needing Company or Account Administrator privileges.

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New Job Details

We've rebuilt the job details screen from the ground up so it's much quicker. Along the way we added in some additionally requested features:

  1. Bulk Employee Time Editing - the ability to bulk add and bulk edit employee time entries
  2. Piece Modification Badges - if someone modifies a piece, we now display a little green info icon next to that person's piece count within job details
  3. Employee Timeline - a new tab has been added, which displays each employee as a row on a visual timeline with their start and stop times along with all non-productive time
  4. Equipment Tracking - a new tab that shows all equipment activity that happened at this job

Payroll Batch Preview

Be it a piece count, hours, or payout, sometimes data can be incorrect. As you're all very aware of by now, once a Payroll Batch has been created, it cannot be undone. All jobs and employee payouts are set in stone. This is why we added Payroll Batch Preview - a way for you to download and 'preview' what a Batch holds before you create the 'final' one.

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Payroll Batch Notes

Even with Payroll Batch Preview, it's still possible that incorrect data gets included in the Batch. It may not even be a mistake - sometimes data needs to be reverted or modified weeks later. While we don't allow Batches (or the Jobs / Employee Payouts within) to be modified, all data can be modified outside of FieldClock, whether in the Batch file itself or whatever payroll software you use. If such a change does occur, you may make of note of it through Payroll Batch Notes.

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In Summary

Before we conclude our year in review, we'd like to thank you all for your patience and understanding while we worked through some growing pains. We've put a lot of resources into system stability, efficiency, and performance that we believe will pay off in the long run. We also know a lot of you are patiently waiting for other features. These are our top priorities going into 2022, and we're very much looking forward to releasing them for you.

Happy Holidays and a New Year,

The FieldClock Team

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